Foreign Language Tutoring in Queens and Nassau County

Are you having trouble mastering a foreign language? Whether you need to learn a new language to fulfill academic requirements or further your career, our team is on hand to help. We offer foreign language tutoring for a variety of languages and dialects, and we're ready to help you take your comprehension skills to a new level.

The Personal Attention You Need

At Tutor Doctor, we work with students of all backgrounds and skill levels to help them master the languages they need to learn. Our dedicated team members are passionate about the languages they teach; and our instructors have the skills to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to best serve your specific needs.

Whether you're trying to learn a new language from scratch or are looking to improve upon your existing skills, we're ready to work with you. To learn more about our foreign language tutoring services, call our team today.

Our Process

  • Set Goals: We come to your home for a free consultation. We want to understand your student’s goals and create an individualized learning plan.
  • Match: We will match the best tutor for you based on academic requirements, personality, learning style, mentoring needs, geography and schedule.
  • Tutor: Your tutor will come to your home and tutor according the goals we set initially.
  • Report: Session reports can be sent to your email address for each tutoring session. These reports help parents stay in tune with how their student is progressing.

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Chad’s new tutor Amanda is awesome. They both work well together. The second week she had a rule chart made up. “Chad’s rules” the 4th rule was smile. I thought that was so cute. He likes the new attention and route. Just want to let you know. Thanks so much for your support.

–Dorie, Parent of Chad

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